I See You feat. Tasha Simmonds

by Commissary

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I see you
Broken dove in flight
You will never run out
Run out of My sight
And I'll never stop watching
I'm waiting 'til you run to Me
Keeping the light on until
I see you

More than a number, beyond your measurements
Hard to see the end of the road so you try to squint
You only fifteen and five months pregnant
Baby's father's behind bars, lived life wreckless
Feel like giving up and you given up
All your dreams and hopes of going to Europe
It's funny how things can change in an instant
One day it's all good, tomorrow raising an infant
Nobody to kick it with, on the end of verbal licks
Society's calling you a misfit, a statistic
Parents mistreat you, are more strict than before
Growing tired of their rules, you head for the door
In a crazy trial but they come to shape your character
God's got you, won't leave or embarrass ya
You wish you could put your life on pause
Despite what happened, God sees through your flaws (And that’s real)

Don't think you gotta be what they show on TV
World didn't make you, was formed in the image of He
All the while they ignore your brilliance
Because you made a bad choice and facing a sentence
School's outta the question for a short while
Ya boys nowhere to be found, your girl did you foul
In a jumpsuit shackled headed uptown
Thought if pops was around this wouldn't have gone down
Hated him for just the fact that he split
Supposed to be your dreams groundwork he didn't support it
Trap life was appealing made a killing from the dealing
But now you on lockdown staring at the ceiling
Have to watch your own back, cellmates was witty
And now you afraid with no way out like Diddy
At this point, you ain't the dude that one would applaud
But your choices, your nature, none of it is new to God


released January 20, 2009
Produced by Germaine Martel. Recorded by Justin Proctor at Delivery Room Studios. Mixed and mastered by Justin Proctor at Delivery Room Studios.



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