Worth Beyond the Stars feat. Jon Parker

by Commissary

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Just the way you are
You're so loveable, loveable
Your worth's beyond the stars

Only embrace she ever felt was from the fabric that hugged her hips
Pain much, life too slippery to get a grip
Known as the dame with a frame, never short on tips
Learned a lot in her season but had no transcript
Frantic, had a skewed view slanted
Meeting her, you'd realize things you took for granted
Situation with her family is kinda sketchy
If you asked if she had friends, I would say barely
Most girls hated on her, dudes debated on her
Did whatever she had to hide the hurt, put some make-up on her
Applied the lipgloss in the spotty mirror
If Windex hit her reflection, she still couldn't see clearer
Reached her hands for the body spray
At least guys would compliment her sweet scent whenever their bodies lay
Tears down her cheek, went for a second glance
If only her sobs could change the present circumstance

She roamed the town in dismay, every single night and some days
Her quests made her feel she was searching some way
Lucid head out of reach, thoughts a huge muddle
Many questions, no solutions, stepped in a puddle
Murky water splashed, concealed her fresh pedi
Straining, feels like I'm holding earth's biggest levee
Though the water was foul her likeness was clear
Her once small sobs turned to plenty of vast tears
Slight bother 'bout the designer heels
But the unfortunate part was hard to swallow, almost unreal
An emotional girl, feelings were hard to feel
Pictured the dealt hand different, life not ideal
Much emphasis was placed on her mascara
Her pigment had flaws she wanted to mask errors
Kinda funny since we dwell in the mask era
Hard to allocate the real and flee present terrors

Base was loaded but was clueless 'bout the inning
The top line moisturizer gratified her feelings
When she came across just the right foundation
Still didn't stop wants to leave town at the station
Mirror mirror on the wall
Please reassure this young lady she's the fairest of them all
Hair and nails done but she still felt appalled
And was floored that she was an heiress of the fall
Maybe that one different guy could change it all
Had some jagged edges but she would trade it all
Life's tests said more cosmetics was the answer
Products animal tested, it still led to cancer
The disease of flossing diamonds and pearls
The ailments of placing value in a fast dying world
You wanna be at the top of the bar
But I know your worth girl and it's way beyond the stars


released April 17, 2012
Produced by Bravestarr. Recorded at Real Feel Studios. Mixed and mastered by Corey Grady for Divine Arrangement Productions.

Additional background vocals by Zay Clark.



all rights reserved